Sonic Drone Home/剧本


以下为动画短片 Sonic Drone Home 的剧本

[Scene: Path to Green Hills Junkyard, day.]

[The short opens with a view of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles walking down a dirt path in a forest. Sonic begins a narration.]
Sonic: The town of Green Hills; a nice, quiet place. Too quiet.
Tails: This isn't the way to the library.
Knuckles: I swore an oath to return these sacred tomes or Maddie would be dishonored with late fees.
[Knuckles holds up some library books as he speaks.]
Sonic: This is just a detour.
[Sonic resumes his narration.]
Sonic: Knuckles and Tails didn't know something mysterious was going on at the junkyard.
Tails: Who are you talking to?
Sonic: I'm narrating! Cool heroes do it in detective movies all the time.
[The trio arrive at the junkyard and Knuckles has a thoughtful expression.]
Knuckles: I wish to narrate, too. [Begins his own narration] Knuckles was very handsome and strong, much stronger than Sonic.
Tails: Tails was just excited to be included.
Knuckles: Tails' narration was weak and sad.
[Upon entering the junkyard, Sonic shushes his friends.]
Sonic: Shh! We're on an investigation. Wade told me there had been some weird noises up here at night.
[Knuckles moves ahead while Tails hides behind Sonic. Sonic just walks away, leaving a nervous Tails to move on his own as he anxiously looks around. The trio takes cover behind some junk when they see the cause of the noises. A Badnik covered in junk and searching for more to add to itself.]
Unit: Upgrade. Upgrade. Need to upgrade. Unit must upgrade and conquer the world.
Sonic: It's one of Robotnik's drones!
Tails: It's been upgrading itself!
Knuckles: Ha! No match for me!
[Knuckles emerges from cover with a triumphant expression, and Unit turns in his direction.]
Unit: Biologicals detected.
[Unit fires colored lasers from a traffic light attachment and blasts Knuckles away, knocking him into some barrels. After shaking it off, the echidna sees that the lasers have burnt holes through the library books.]
Knuckles: The sacred tomes!
Sonic: Guys, we need a plan. Tails, you take up a flanking position. Knuckles-
Knuckles: [Narrating] Knuckles pretended he was listening, but he readied his attack.
Sonic: Are you still narrating?
[Knuckles makes a break for Unit.]
Sonic: Wait!
Knuckles: Time for a Knuckles Sandwich!
[Running at the Badnik, Knuckles grabs a stop sign and uses it as a shield to block Unit's lasers. Tossing it away, he jumps into the air and dives toward Unit, who opens his refrigerator to trap Knuckles inside. He then ejects the fridge from his body, sending it flying with the echidna inside. Knuckles manages to escape his prison and leaps out, only to fly headfirst into a Green Hills sign. With the echidna taken out, Unit grabs a pickup truck with his excavator arm and throws it at Sonic and Tails.]
Sonic: Ooooh, let's go!
[Grabbing Tails by the arm, Sonic takes off at high speed.]
Sonic: Let's see how fast you are!
[Sonic races around the junkyard with Tails in tow, dodging green, yellow, and red lasers. Seeking cover from the lasers inside a junk pile, Sonic dashes through the metallic caverns while explosions from the lasers rattle it. A triple laser-blast eventually sends them both flying, and Tails recovers in midair.]
Sonic: Oh, I'm above you!
[Sonic spins up and proceeds to bash Unit with multiple Homing Attacks.]
Sonic: Boing! Over here! Over here! Ooooh, gotcha! Boing!
[Sonic's final hit knocks a component loose, and he comes to a stop with it in his hand.]
Sonic: I hope this wasn't doing anything important!
Unit: Not yet.
[The component sprays Sonic the face with pink spray paint, causing him to drop the device and rub his eyes.]
Sonic: Ah! My eyes!
Tails: Don't worry, Sonic! Tails to the rescue!
[Tails fires a bola from a gadget, but Unit deflects it and it wraps around Sonic's legs, tripping him.]
Tails: Oops.
Unit: Doctor Robotnik programmed Unit to think for itself.
[Unit approaches Sonic and smashes him with his excavator claw, only for Tails to swoop in and save the hedgehog. As they fly away, Unit watches them curiously.]
Unit: Most interesting.
Sonic: It's right under us, it's right under us!
Unit: Your speed is no match for this unit's processing power.
[Unit extends fan blades and uses them as helicopter rotors to pursue Tails. The fox takes evasive action while Sonic shouts at him.]
Sonic: Go left, go left, go left! Your left, not my left, your left!
[Unit grabs Sonic's legs and slams both him and Tails to the ground. Retracting his fan blades, Unit raises his arms.]
Unit: Unit is victorious!
Tails: Sonic, do something!
Sonic: I would, but somebody tied my legs together!
Tails: You can still talk.
[Unit approaches, Sonic gets up before Unit's weapons all aimed at him.]
Sonic: How you're doing? Before you blow us up, can I ask you a question?
Unit: No one has ever asked Unit a question before. Most interesting.
Sonic: Just curious, why are you doing this?
Unit: Unit's programming is to conquer the world.
Sonic: That sounds like Robotnik. You said you think for yourself, what are you really into?
Unit: What does... Unit like?
Sonic: Well, you got a real flare for design. Do you make custom furniture?
Unit: Truthfully, Unit's passion is... poetry.
Sonic: So why don't you conquer the world with poetry?
Tails: We would love to hear one of your poems.
Unit: No, I couldn't possibly... it's too personal. But if you insist!
[Unit puts on a pair of glasses and starts reading his poem as Sonic sits and Tails walks by.]
Unit: It's Unit's ambition to crush all opposition.

[Scene Change: Green Hills Junkyard, afternoon.]

Unit: Caliphate shall fall sudden from the heaven like a weapon. Cloud. Poetic phrase number 73.
[Knuckles flies in and smashes into Unit, proceeding to punch the Badnik repeatedly.]
Tails: Don’t hurt him!
Sonic: Knuckles, no! Stop!
Knuckles: [Punches rapidly] I cannot hear you over the sound of my mighty punches!
Sonic: Stop!
[Tails flies off]
Sonic: Not everything requires punching!
Knuckles: [Stops punching] But I'm so good at punching!
Tails: Poor guy. He wasn't trying to kill us anymore. He was reciting a poem.
[Tails rummages through the junk. Tails finds Unit's still-functional core module and picks it up.]
Unit: That poem was not my best. Thank you for the destructive criticism.
Tails: You're okay! Sonic, can we keep him?
Sonic: Mmm, I don't know.
Tails: He's not bad anymore.
Sonic: He'd be your responsibility, Tails. You gotta clean up after him and change his batteries.
[Sonic turns around and hops away.]
Unit: My battery will last one billion years.
Knuckles: I do not trust this trash bot.
[Unit flies into the air.]
Tails: He's an artist now. He's okay.
[Unit starts to gets up close in Knuckles' face.]
Unit: Soon, Unit will master the poetic form and the world will cower. You will be the first to fall before this unit's superior prose, red mean thing.
[Unit flies away with Sonic and Tails, the latter grabbing the former by the hand and flying him away.]
Knuckles: Did you hear that? It's still evil! I demand justice for Maddie's books! Wait there!
Sonic: And thus ends one adventure for Team Sonic. But their greatest adventure was just beginning. The quest of picking up some chili dogs on the way home!
[A view of the sky is shown, revealing a cloud in the shape of a chili dog. Cut to black.]